Step 3 Success Systems

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The 3rd step to a Golden Goose Business is "success systems." These are systems, often written, that promote a successful and reliable outcome.

Why written? To cement the practice, to resist moving the steps for expediency, to avoid confusion when a team member falters, for ease of delegation during times of high demand, and most importantly to assure that both the employee and the company SHINE!

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A success system is step-by-step instructions to accomplish each task. Does this take a lot of work? Yes, it does. A system is an organized and coordinated effort that is a repeatable way to get the job done. It is harmonious and orderly interaction.

Customers will buy a quality product again and again and again, as long as it is right the first time. Nothing will revert a Golden Goose to a regular business faster than a customer who calls the service department because they feel they must insist on getting the value they purchased.

  • What success systems are essential to deliver the value expected by your customers?
  • How can you cement these systems to the culture of the business?
  • What success systems are written down?
  • How does your business naturally update the system?
  • What are some low cost ways to record the success systems essential to your business?

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