Following my attendance at your recent workshop,
 I give you a "10." The material and the presentation were
 powerful! The interaction was fun, and the ideas passed around 
by those present are very valuable. Thank you for the invite!

Cathe Myers


SueAnne has been my coach since February 2010.  She has helped me to adjust to a new job in a new field, sharpen my task focus and pinpoint my short term and long term goals for the future.  She has assisted me in prioritizing tasks for several projects by giving me guidance in how to break apart large projects into smaller task lists.  I recommend her as a coach on several levels.  SueAnne has a tremendous knowledge base.  She pulls from her many years in business to recommend things that I may have not known about or may not have been able to see for myself.  She is engaged, thoughtful and very easy to work with; she wants to help you reach your goals!  She has been a wonderful asset to me

Sincerely, Angie Milstead


It has been my good fortune to work with Mrs. Roberts as a member of the senior management team at Cardinal Homes over the past 15 years.  In her position as CFO, Mrs. Roberts is responsible for the financial accounting and reporting for the company, the protection of its resources, and ensuring its financial stability.  She has fulfilled her responsibilities exceptionally well, especially during these challenging economic times.

Mrs. Robert’s ability to communicate well, interact with others in a positive, professional manner, and prioritize competing responsibilities has significantly contributed to her success.  Any organization she chooses to share her talents with, gains a valuable asset.


Jill W. Duncan


Thank you so much for the very well done, informative, fun, thought provoking class today!! I feel very blessed to have been there, and thank you for making that possible!
The value of index cards, fun ways to get to know more about others and establish and strengthen relationships, understanding goals to another level, changing my environment, and learning how to have more time for me are just a FEW of the things I loved about today!!!

Having a heart for helping others will take you far, and I will definitely be aware so I can send you others who need and can benefit greatly from you! You are a wonderful person, and I feel honored to have met you!


"After working with SueAnne it became very apparent that her main concern was the betterment of my business and making the most out of my time with her. This experience is one that I would recommend to anyone looking enhance their productivity in business.

 Thanks a million SueAnne!"


Sue Anne is a high integrity, forward thinking business executive that has a unique talent at understanding the value people have on business outcome.
-Rich Boehling


We have enjoyed having SueAnne and the Cardinal Team as a client for many years. We have appreciated their treating us like a valued partner in working to save costs, and she understands the value in both of our firms achieving a win-win outcome. SueAnne is an effective executive who manages to maintain the original family spirit and culture in a large independently held firm and has always been a reliable client both financially and in problem solving.
-Andy Kline