The One Thing

Published on April 25, 2013 by

How do you grow your business?

The top line, of course! Revenue, sales, etc.

You have a product or service that can help your prospect tremendously. Problem is, these days prospects have many, many products and services from which to choose.
And when you find a prospect with a few minutes to listen, most likely you quickly condense your program into whatever minutes your prospect will give you.

Traffic Light - RedSTOP!

And slow down. You want to establish your distinct advantage. Slowing your presentation down is already different.

Then, share "the one thing" that will give them value and help this prospect NOW. If your field is health and fitness, share how to use an energy drink. If your field is time management, share a valuable tip they can apply to their life.

This may seem counter Intuitive.

What you leave your prospect with is the one thing that matters most - your genuine concern for their welfare. And when they are ready, most likely they will remember you, the person who cared enough to help them. They will then set aside the time to listen to you.

What is your "one thing?"

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